SAMSUNG BA44-00279A Laptop AC Adapter Replacement

SAMSUNG BA44-00279A Laptop AC Adapter Replacement

SAMSUNG CPA09-002A Laptop AC Adapter Replacement

SAMSUNG CPA09-002A Laptop AC Adapter Replacement

SAMSUNG CPA-40-012A Laptop AC Adapter Replacement

Replacement SAMSUNG CPA-40-012A Laptop AC Adapter Power Supply Battery Charger 19V 2.1A 40W

Input: 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz
Output: 19V 2.1A 40W
Connector: 5.5mm
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samsung2049 Advantages is specializing in the production, quality control of mobile power solutions. We strive to make your laptop get good working condition. Our product design has always been user-friendly. Select brand, select Samsung computer accessories. We makes your life more colorful.

  • All power adapter products have overcharge, over discharge, over-temperature, over voltage, short circuit protection.
  • All power adapters are 100% compatible with original laptop.
  • Superior quality and stable performance of our products is guaranteed.
  • Full output power
  • High output voltage accuracy
  • Meets a variety of FCC, UL, CE and RoHS certification.
  • Guarantees 100% compatible with your original system.
  • Provides an extend 2-Year Warranty for supplier's defects.

Samsung Laptop Power Adapter Precautions

  • Please carefully check the original adapter parameters before use. Do confirm the SAMSUNG CPA-40-012A adapter parameters (Voltage, current, and DC plug size, etc.) is compatible with the original laptop.
  • Different parameters or brand of adapters can not be mixed.
  • Do not wound, squeeze or pull the power cord to avoid PVC skin and internal wire breakage.
  • Do not hang an adapter.
  • Avoid sharp objects cause they will scratch or punctured the power cord PVC and adapter housing. Stop using it immediately once the power adapter cord is broken.
  • When the power adapter is working, the surface temperature is higher than normal. Please keep it away from any heat or flammable materials.
  • Stop using it immediately and disconnect once the power adapter produces loud noise, overheating or smoke.

    This SAMSUNG CPA-40-012A Laptop AC Adapter can replace the following model numbers:

  • Samsung NC110
  • Samsung NS310
  • Samsung N143
  • Samsung NP-N143
  • Samsung NT-N143
  • Samsung N145
  • Samsung N148
  • Samsung NP-N148
  • Samsung NT-N148
  • Samsung N150
  • Samsung NP-N150
  • Samsung NT-N150
  • Samsung N210
  • Samsung NP-N210
  • Samsung NT-N210
  • Samsung N220
  • Samsung NP-N220
  • Samsung NT-N220
  • Samsung N230
  • Samsung NP-N230
  • Samsung NT-N230
  • Samsung N310
  • Samsung NP-N310
  • Samsung NT-N310
  • Samsung N315
  • Samsung NP-N315
  • Samsung NT-N315
  • Samsung N350
  • Samsung NP-N350
  • Samsung NT-N350
  • Samsung NF110
  • Samsung NP-NF110
  • Samsung NT-NF110
  • Samsung NF210
  • Samsung NP-NF210
  • Samsung NT-NF210
  • Samsung NF310
  • Samsung NP-NF310
  • Samsung NT-NF310
  • Samsung NB30
  • Samsung NP-NB30
  • Samsung NT-NB30
  • Samsung X118
  • Samsung X120
  • Samsung X123
  • Samsung X125
  • Samsung NP-X125
  • Samsung NT-X125
  • Samsung X128
  • Samsung X130
  • Samsung NP-X130
  • Samsung NT-X130
  • Samsung X170
  • Samsung X180
  • Samsung NP-X180
  • Samsung NT-X180
  • Samsung X181
  • Samsung NP-X181
  • Samsung NT-X181
  • Samsung X328
  • Samsung X330

    This SAMSUNG CPA-40-012A Laptop AC Adapter can replace the following part numbers:

  • AA-PA2N40L
  • AA-PA2N40S
  • BA44-00279A
  • BA44-00278A
  • BA44-00243A
  • BA44-00266A
  • BA44-00265A
  • BA44-00262A
  • AD-4019P
  • AD-4019W
  • CPA-40-012A

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